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I have been your resident

I have been your resident for a little over two years. I wanted to let you know that, in my opinion, what sets your complex apart from various apartment complexes in the UNM campus area in the same price range is the responsive and conscientious manager. This is the reason why I chose to renew my lease several times: during my stay at the University Studio Apartments, Stephen has been nothing but helpful, and every issue I had was resolved in a very timely manner. Judging by my own experiences with renting, my friends’ and colleagues’ experiences, and internet reviews of apartments in the neighborhood, it appears that fair management is, unfortunately, rare. I believe that many residents also share my sentiment.

Tatiana Duvanova

I lived here for 3

I lived here for 3 years. Neat and safe place to near UNM.

Sang Hyup Park

Great location to UNM and

Great location to UNM and kept really well. The manager is such a nice guy and helped tremendously in getting into the apartment. The other tenants are also lovely and offered us help in moving in.

Debi Green

Compared to other apartments in

Compared to other apartments in ABQ, this is the best place for single students who want to pay under $1000 for their rent.

The apartment has amazing managers and staff. The manager is super friendly and helpful to the students (unlike other managers who all they think about is money money money). I actually think the best thing about this apartment is the great manager.

The walls are concrete blocks, so soundproof which is very important.

The staff are very responsive to the problems.

The pest control is amazing. I have never seen even one roach in the apartment.

The neighborhood is relatively safe compared to other neighborhoods around UNM campus.

The only problem is the very very very tiny counter space in the kitchen (at least in my unit).

Of course the apartment is old, but hey, this is Albuquerque! At least it is clean and not roach infested (unlike most other apartments around campus).

Amir Poorfakhraei

I lived here for two

I lived here for two years and really enjoyed it. It took me ten minutes or less to get anywhere on campus, it is right next to a really cool bar, it is very quiet for when you need to study, and the management was fantastic. I’ve only had a few maintenance issues, but they fixed them right away. One time the manager even called me from his vacation to check in on a maintenance emergency. My friends have told me some horror stories about their managers, so I believe that this complex is the best in the area.

Brittany McDaniel

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