Quality Maintenance Delivered With A Smile

We are blessed to have a University Studio Apartments Maintenance Manager that has been with us for many years. He understands the the needs of the complex, takes pride in his work, and is always on call if a resident needs help. To better appreciate his maintenance skills, let’s take a look at some of the tasks that he has done.

Here he is shown servicing one of the swamp coolers on the rooftop that cool the studio apartments. With New Mexico’s dry climate, the evaporative swamp cooler is an ideal way to provide cooling to the apartments during the summer. However, they do need to be serviced in the spring before use and again in the fall before freezing weather sets in.

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Maintenance Manager servicing one of the rooftop swamp coolers

Notice the smile on his face. No matter how busy he is, he is always smiling and pleasant to work with and the residents appreciate this. He takes pride in doing a good job. Here you see him remodeling one of the studio apartments. Because of the label on the bath tub, you can see that it is new. The sink, toilet, fixtures, and all the tiles were removed and replaced new.

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Remodeling bathroom in one of the units

He is showing off the newly remodeled bathroom. In addition to the new tiles & tub, he replaced the shower head, the tub fixtures, sink, toilet, and tile floor.

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Showing off the newly remodeled bathroom

The entire kitchen area was remodeled. The old stove, sink, refrigerator, and floor tiles were first removed. After new floor tiles were installed and the area painted, the new kitchen cabinets, sink, stove, and refrigerator were installed that he is proudly showing.

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Proud of the kitchen remodel

The rest of this studio apartment was remodeled with similar attention to detail and quality.

Won’t you feel better knowing that his skills are available if you ever need help with a maintenance issue in your apartment?

University Studio Apartments is within easy walking distance of the University of New Mexico.

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