A Typical Floor Plan For Our Studio Apartments

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Our unfurnished studio apartments are located within walking distance of UNM, CNM, and city buses. So if you are looking for studio apartments near UNM or studio apartments near CNM, review the typical floor plan shown on this page and then contact the manager to review what is available to meet your needs.

Each unit has an electric stove with oven, a sink, plenty of cabinets above & below, plus a refrigerator with freezer. An exhaust fan is above the stove and there are electrical outlets to the right of the sink. The entrance door is shown on the left and has a reinforced lock with a deadbolt for added security.

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Entrance, kitchen with electric stove, sink, lots of cabinets, & full refrigerator with freezer

The bathroom has a full tub with shower. You provide your own shower curtain.

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Bathroom with full tub & shower

This view is from the middle of the living area and shows a spacious closet with a shelf above the hanger. The closets on the first floor units are 7’x2′ and 64″ to the top of the shelf which is 12″ wide. The closets for the second & third floor units are a little smaller due to the air conditioning ducts. To the right you see a fire extinguisher, thermostat, light switches, and electrical panel. There are additional larger fire extinguishers in the hallway. Although not visible here, there are additional electric outlets on the left wall.

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Large closet in living area, bathroom door seen on right, kitchen further to right

This view is also from the middle of the living area, but looking in the opposite direction towards the window. Since this unit is on the ground floor, the window is reinforced. Here you see the electric baseboard heater along the wall that is temperature controlled by your own thermostat. During the summer each apartment is cooled by evaporative air (swamp cooler) that you control. The main living area is carpeted. Before you move in, we professionally clean the carpet and ensure that the walls are properly painted and the entire unit is clean. There is an electric outlet to the left of the electric baseboard heater. The electric outlet on the left wall is controlled by a switch near the entrance. Each unit has a telephone & a cable connection that you can use at your own expense.

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Looking to opposite corner of living area, electric baseboard heating, telephone & cable outlets

Floor Plan

With this Floor Plan you can make some preliminary decisions on how to arrange your living space. Configurations may vary a little, depending upon whether you are on the first, second, or third floor and whether a unit has been remodeled. The closets on the second & third floor units are a little smaller due to the air conditioning ducts. The floor to ceiling height is 7′ 5″. There are several circles with numbers in them that we would like to highlight:

(1) The telephone connection is in the kitchen and the cable connection is over by the window area. You are responsible for any telephone or cable services, if you need them. Another electrical outlet is at the right end of the electric baseboard heater, as shown here.

(2) More electrical outlets.

(3) These electric outlets are controlled by a switch near the entrance. This is a great place to put a lamp.

(4) A fire extinguisher, switches, thermostat, swamp cooler controls, and the electrical panel reside here.

(5) In one of the above photos you can see the electric stove with oven, sink, counter top, 3 cabinets above, 2 cabinets below, and a drawer below.

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Typical floor plan

Our studio apartments also come with modern Maytag washers and dryers in the laundry room that is available to all residents and is definitely an extra benefit appreciated by the residents.

University Studio Apartments is within easy walking distance of the University of New Mexico.

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