About University Studio Apartments

University Studio Apartments is locally owned and has an on-site office that is readily accessible to our residents. Stephen has been the manager for over 12 years and enjoys working with prospects and the residents.

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Stephen, the Manager

Jose is in charge of our maintenance and has also been with University Studio Apartments for over 12 years. Here he is showing off some of his handy work. Take a look at the Maintenance page to get a better feel for the qualities that Jose brings to our studio apartments in albuquerque that residents really appreciate.

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Jose, the Maintenance Manager

This impromptu video testimonial by tenant John was taken one afternoon while the web designer was waiting for a meeting with the manager.

So if our studio apartments and location near UNM & CNM meet your needs, review the application process and then call Stephen, our manager, at 505-842-5990 to see which studio apartments are available, to answer any questions, and to begin the application process.

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